The main target of our company has always been to meet our customers needs and satisfy them completely. To this purpose, our factory has been provided with some modern computer-controlled lines of sheet metal cutting and bending granting high quality components and fast delivery times as our standards.
But our production is not only high-technology: it is a perfect marriage between our automated robot machineries and the know-how of our experienced staff who work with intelligence and creativity. This marriage generates our highly performing products that are very flexible to any kind of request, and grant long running life with minimum maintenance.

Our special organization allows us to offer an excellent combination of high quality products range and competitive prices. Even though our products derive from an advanced production process, they are more and more practical and easy to be used. Our technical department is at complete disposal of our customers in supplying lay-out drawings and suggestions about how to place our equipments in old or new car body shops and factories, so that the available building room and facilities can be exploited in the best way.

Futura and the Future
Of course, as it is implicit in our name “Futura”, our company has always paid great attention to the “Future”. This is the reason why our R&D engineering department continuously studies innovative solutions that are behind the times, and take care of healthy environment. Our engineers constantly project and develop new options that are tested at our factory in order to update every aspect of our products (new raw materials, special instruments offered by the latest technology results, energy saving components and so on).

Our Country is the World
Futura has a widely diffused sales organization with an articulated network of importers all over the world. Our distributors satisfy our customers expectations with our same passion, and constantly grant high professional assistance for commercial, technical and after-sale services. By means of such spread and reliable network, Futura is really present anywhere and at anytime.